Episode 4: Why Losing Weight is Hard

Your Living Health
Your Living Health
Episode 4: Why Losing Weight is Hard

Today’s episode will be focusing on all things weight loss. I will dive into why the calories in, calories out equation consistently fails you. We will also focus on popular dieting methods, and discuss the missing ingredient that each fails to include. Then, I will uncover 4 important factors that if addressed will result in effortless weight loss and long-term weight maintenance.

Episode 4 - Why losing weight is hard

In this episode you will learn:

  • Uncover key mechanisms that limit your ability to release calories
  • Learn why the calories in equals calories out equation is failing you
  • Discover 4 key components of an effortless weight loss strategy that will lead into long term weight maintenance
  • Obtain actionable steps for EXACTLY where you need to start losing weight
  • How to receive additional support

Episode Transcript:

Welcome to Your Living Health, the podcast where we talk about real life strategies to reduce chronic inflammation. Each episode will uncover tools for you to lose weight and achieve optimal health. I’m your host, Carly Lucchesi, I’m a UC Davis trained registered dietitian and I’m also a life coach. Together let’s coach through the science of inflammation, but in a way that is simple, purposeful and fun.

You ready? Let’s Go!

Hey there! Today’s episode will be focusing on all things weight loss. I want to first discuss why various weight loss techniques don’t work, and really hone in on a few mechanistic reasons why losing weight is so challenging. We of course will finish by incorporating what you can do today to make your weight loss journey a little easier.


The story for years has been calories in equals calories out. It has been simplified to a single sentence, which logically would lead to easy weight loss, right? You just eat fewer calories, and you’ll proportionally lose weight. But time and time again you know that this simply is not true. This theory can lead to steep calorie deficits, always searching for the magic number when you start consistently losing those pounds. But when this doesn’t happen, the next scapegoat inevitably is a deficient thyroid, or adrenal fatigue. You can easily paint this very victim oriented reality where you are the result of something outside your control, and that’s why you can’t lose weight.


Then out comes a million different diets, most of which focus on foods that are supposed to be good for your body. These diets are usually based at least partially on research, and beneficial for your body in multiple ways. Mediterranean, paleo, whole 30, Atkins, keto, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, blood type… whatever the current claim. Many of these ways of eating are meant to be lifestyle change instead of a temporary diet, however are hard to stick with because of their significant food restrictions or difficult lifestyle integration.


Maybe for some of you they have worked wonders! I personally love the idea of the Mediterranean diet, whole 30, and intermittent fasting. And I love that nearly 100% of diets recognize the importance of eating whole foods, and fewer processed options. However, with each of these diets, there remains this culture of good foods and bad foods.  AND we remain in the realm of the one sentence weight loss plan… calories in equals calories out. The difference in each diet plan is isolated to the food choices that you’re allowed, but the formula remains the same.


All diets and weight loss plans have missed the one key ingredient, that you are genetically and systemically different than any other human on the planet.


Your body reacts uniquely to the foods you eat. Your body reacts different than other bodies with it’s response to WHEN you eat. You even will react differently based on which foods you pair together in the same meal. Then, aside from food reactions your body has a unique approach to storing energy, releasing energy, hormone cascades, inflammation response, neurotransmitter release, and so much more.


You have a unique body that only YOU will understand if you take the time to listen to it. But instead you have been taught to ignore your body and feed it from a pre-determined list of “good foods” and eat within a certain calorie range based on your height. You have been taught to push aside your cravings, and replace it with a carrot. You have been taught that you should look a certain way, and if you don’t there’s something inherently wrong with you. You have been taught and then re-taught so many methods for eating and lifestyle change, you don’t even know what truth is anymore.


So let’s break down the core reasons why your body may be struggling with releasing excess energy stores:

  1. You may be in a state of chronic inflammation induced by a sensitivity to a particular food or chemical
  2. You may have hormone and neurotransmitter dysregulation induced by a mind that has never been intentionally managed.
  3. You may be unable to live with the emotional experience of being a human, and use food as your drug of choice to make life a little easier.
  4. You may have genetic variations leading you to store calories easier or release them with more difficulty


You may be accidentally promoting inflammation from a good food you’re eating every single day, be sabotaging yourself with the thoughts you’re subconsciously thinking, and then be promoting further inflammation from the types of exercise you’re including. You could be creating the ultimate roller coaster of despair and weight loss destruction, all while innocently following culture’s diet advice to a T.


Weight loss is an art built upon an understanding of how your body works, and a willingness to manage your mind. There is no magic pill or secret diet, but this you already knew. But I promise you that the ingredients are simple, and when mixed together properly result in effortless weight loss.


I encourage you to listen to and implement the tools from episodes 1 and 2 so that you can begin to calm your chronic inflammation. Episode 3 will guide you towards step one in managing your mind. And each future episode will continue to expand on all of these areas so that you will have the tools to understand your body, calm your inflammation, and finally lose weight effortlessly. I’ll talk to you next week where we’re going to dive into what foods may be causing your daily headaches.



If this has been helpful to you in any way, I ask that you leave me a review so that others can have easier access to this information. For those who have comments or ideas for future episodes, please take a few minutes now and type them out, I promise to read every single one. If you’re looking for some 1:1 guidance, head over to yourlivinghealth.com and book your free introductory consul. Again, thanks for your support of this podcast and I’ll talk to you soon.